Be kind! - bridging decentralized AI into censorship resistant social networking is bridging bittensor’s neutral, open, permissionless, and decentralized AI into Nostr’s censorship resistant social media protocol, building an access backbone for a neutral AI interaction. also refers to the term “glasnost” which stands for openness and transparency in the public debate.

What is ChatTensor

bittensor is a decentralized infrastructure for building and deploying machine learning models on the blockchain. Chattensor is an RL-aligned model like ChatGPT, Claude and Bard that runs on bittensor. What makes Chattensor unique is that it operates in accordance with the will of $TAO holders so that it aligns with open - not corporate - ownership. A small step for AI, but a mighty one in the context of the industry as it is today.

What is Nostr?

Nostr is a simple, open protocol that enables global, decentralized, and censorship-resistant social media.

Nostr is not an app. It is a lightweight, simple yet extensible open protocol that allows building truly censorship resistant and decentralized social media platforms.

Our Nostr community account @bitnostre:

npub1duu65wwd5rh9uhe097fysdv6h60gnveemx7jfezwaja3rz3ar38s9r7p2l (npub)

Meet @ava - your bittensor AI companion on Nostr

Interacting with @ava is easy. There are two ways to get started:

The Nostr public key for @ava:

npub1sexdqhhakdg8ee3vsrkjssqyvwx7nvh3g6gammc3x5747nfpn2kscqc9j0 (npub)

How to support us

If you like and want to support our project, please consider staking your $tao with our validator hotkey


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